Rock Band Wii

Wii Rock Band 2 music store now open for business

The Rock Band music store is now available on the Wii. The store launched today with 50 songs, which includes Rock Band 2’s 20 free bonus tracks. Harmonix said more DLC will be released in the coming weeks to “catch Wii users up with other systems, ” Joystiq reports. That is all.

The best Wii games for the fall (sorry, still no HDD)

As the leaves begin their inexorable metamorphosis from drab green to a cornucopia of reds, yellows and oranges, so too does the Wii library gain momentum and titles worth playing into the winter months and beyond. Well, at least that’s what Nintendo and its third party developers want us to believe. Here’s what we at Infendo agree are probably going to be the best of the best for the ...

Play Rock Band Wii for as little as $80 (hopefully)

In response to today’s announcement that MTV Games will sell Rock Band expansion discs in lieu of downloadable Wii songs, Harmonix has confirmed to Game|Life that gamers need only buy the expansion pack if they just want to play the 20 included songs and have the means to acquire at least one supported instrument. Assuming Rock Band works with the excellent $50 Front Man controller (Circuit ...