Poll – Favorite DS Wi-Fi Connection game?

[UPDATE:  This poll closes on Friday afternoon, don’t miss your chance to vote or comment!] Nintendo recently revealed the top DS games on their worldwide Wi-Fi Connection service. We want to know: {democracy:5} If you like something other than Nintendo’s top games, let us know in comments!

The Overlooked Silent Portable Market

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan launched in 2005 in the land of the rising sun to critical acclaim and lukewarm sales. A sizeable import market for the game facilitated the release of Elite Beat Agents in the United States in 2006, resulting in less than half of its predicted sales. How can a game that everybody loves do so poorly in the market?

Poll – Wii Sports and real sports

Other than hitting a raquetball against my friend Danny’s garage in 3rd grade, I have never played real tennis. Ever since Wii Sports came into my life six months ago, I keep thinking, “Yeah, I could probably do this for real…” Baseball gets me hyped up to go hit the batting cages. Even golf makes me want to hit the links. This week we want to know: {democracy:4}

Poll – What hardware will Nintendo release next?

DS and Wii sales are strong and a lot of great titles are on the release schedule. Even as the DS Lite and Wii were released, rumors began circulating about the next-next-gen from Nintendo. Will the DS replace the GameBoy line? Will Nintendo keep up their roof with a third pillar? Is there yet another home console on the horizon? This week, we want to know: {democracy:3} If you think the Big N is ...

Poll – How do you play portable games?

On the train, on the can, on the couch .. Portable games go with us everywhere. Some folks just mute their DS and others bring headphones along. This week, we want to know: {democracy:2} [Update:  Assume we’re asking for the way you play games the majority of the time.]

Poll – What do you think of the new Infendo?

It’s been online for less than 24 hours, but we’d like to know: {democracy:1}

Poll – Virtual Console pricing

A lot of classic games like Punch Out and Castlevania are starting to show up in the Wii Shop Channel, so this week we ask: Virtual Console pricing is … Too high Too low Just right

Poll – Are you still unable to buy a Wii?

They talked about whether or not Nintendo was intentionally withholding Wii systems on Infendo Radio #56, so this week we ask: Are you still unable to buy a Wii? Yes No Waiting Don’t want one Since there’s an answer for “Don’t want one” please assume that “No” means you already have one. If you have one or can’t find one, tell us your story. If you&#...

Poll – Favorite gaming magazine

Do you remember a time when you were only updated on video game news once a month? Magazines were once the source for news, rumors, cheat codes, etc. Despite the Internet spoiling the monthly anticipation, a lot of game magazines still exist. This week, we want to know: What’s your favorite gaming print magazine? Game Informer EGM GamePro other    Please let us know what ‘oth...

Poll – Are video games getting easier or harder?

Control schemes for video games continue to evolve, with most consumers adapting pretty well. Despite this, occasionally a game comes along in which you repeatedly die and return back to a save point no matter how well you master your joystick (or in Wii’s case, magic wand). This week we want to know: Are video games getting easier or harder? Easier Harder Same as ever

Poll – How many hours per week do you play video games?

All night gaming sessions .. A quick round of brain training .. Eye-straining epic 50-hour quests .. Some puzzles on the bus .. This week we want to know: How many hours per week do you play video games? Less than 1 1-4 5-10 More than 10   

Poll – When was the last time your Wii slot flashed blue?

For the first month I owned it, my Wii’s slot seemed to be pulsing blue almost every day. Apparently the novelty of sending pictures, messages, and Miis has worn off. My slot hasn’t lit up for longer than I can remember. Here’s a quick question: When was the last time your Wii slot flashed blue? This week Earlier this month Over a month ago More than two months ago Never!  &...