Poll – Most trusted review source

Games aren’t cheap, so you want to know what you’re getting before you buy it. This week we ask:

What is your most trusted review source?
meta-reviews (GameRankings, etc)

Feel free to tell us about your favorite magazine, sites, or other sources in comments!


  1. I chose print, since PC Gamer has the greatest reviews. Nintendo Power’s have gotten a lot better in recent years as well. Metareviews are still a great resource however.

  2. Huh? Internet v Meta-review websites??

    Anyways, ya should have word of mouth there also…

  3. all of those sources are bastardized 😀

  4. nintendoworldreport.com gives awesome reviews for nintendo games, other then that i’d go with print reviews.

  5. I actually like and trust IGN for some reason.

  6. Yeah, how do you figure out the difference between Meta reviews and Internet??

    In any case, I chose Meta reviews because they include overviews of all the reviews available. But I don’t trust the ranking 100%, I have to read some of the reviews, usually the highest and lowest, so I can get an idea what are the strengths and weaknesses of each game…

  7. 1UP, kotaku, D-toid, Joystiq. The handsome foursome…

  8. I like to watch video reviews from GameTrailers.com then I usually read the review from IGN and check for a mention of the game on Infendo

  9. It’s Metacritic.com for me…

  10. I chose internet because there are many sites out there that are factual. It’s like a one stop shop for reviews. Otherwise, “Self” would be a good choice for reviews. I simply choose a game, and do a ‘review’ for myself.

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