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Infendo Radio 381 – Mister, Can I Touch your Switch?

There only exists one game in InfendoLand this week, and we are all bursting at the seams to discuss Breath of the Wild! Except for Lukas of course as he plays nearly every game in his library trying to fill

Infendo Radio 378 – Infendo Season Pass

Infendo Radio

Infendo Radio is on now! Now that we can count the number of days left until the Nintendo Switch is launch with the appendages on both our hands and feet (some of us anyway),  it’s high time that we get

Infendo Radio 377 – The Great Segue Wars

Infendo Radio

They came in the middle of the night, always looking for a smooth transition. When would be the most appropriate time to change the subject? Who will be the one to answer the call, because Infendo Radio is on now!

Infendo Radio 375 – Two is Better Than One

Infendo Radio

What can we say, the weather wins again. While we were planning to have Justin back for his triumphant return, but Mother Nature had different plans and decided that podcast night was the perfect night for a New York power outage. While

Infendo Radio 374 – Still Switch Talking

Infendo Radio

  Mike returns to fill the 4th chair, except the 3rd seat is missing its normal occupant…so it looks like we will be rolling with three once again this week. Don’t worry though, this week promises to be one heck

Infendo Radio 373 – Switch Live Reactions!

Infendo Radio

Where oh where is Mike on quite possibly the biggest reveal day in Nintendo history? On a cruise!? For his Birthday?! Ok, I guess we can give him a pass this ONE time. All kidding aside, Happy Belated Birthday Mike,