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Infendo Radio 400 – Someone Queue Jesse Frederick, We Have a Full House!

Let’s not pull any punches here. EPISODE 400 WAS A BLAST! Thank you to ALL of the former Infendo staff who took the time out to join us for our milestone episode. This week we decided to do things a

Pokémon GO to Japan and Get a Special Pokémon McFlurry

Don’t you just hate when companies spend years developing a product, only for it to not be localized for you to enjoy in your home territory? Yeah, me to. Take the new Pikachu edition McFlurry that goes on sale July

Infendo Radio 398 – Here Be Moblins

Infendo Radio is on now! This week we discuss everything from Pokémon GO to the latest DLC for Breath of the Wild, so strap in! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Infendo Radio records every Wednesday night at 8:30 EST. Be sure

Infendo Radio 396 – Mother Nature Used Overheat!

Well, it’s summer now. Trash bins are melting in the streets in Arizona, the streets smell like hot trash in New York, and Infendo Radio is as trashy as ever! Infendo Radio is on now! This week we discuss cross-platform

Infendo Radio 395 – Compassionately Counteracting Capcom’s Clemency

The dust has settled, e3 week is finally behind us, and we finally have a clearer picture of what Nintendo is planning for the rest of 2017 and beyond. While not all the Infendo crew is in agreeance, each member

Infendo Radio 394 – It’s e3 Week!

It’s e3 week, it’s Monday, and Infendo Radio is on now! First of all we apologize for the dip in audio quality. We are rolling off of our backup recording audio (thank you YouTube) because SOMEBODY (Eugene) was using the