Colt’s Choice 6/1/19

Hey fam! Your friendly neighborhood writer man Colt is here! I decided to start a new weekly segment called Colt’s Choice! every Friday or Saturday I will be writing a quick article about my game pick of the week! This way if the weekend comes and you decide you want to pick up a new Indie/AAA game to take up your time, you can come here and see what I suggest! Thank you in advance for tunin...

Fortnite Account Merge Hits Soon!

As you may have known, Sony has finally decided to join the rest of the industry and allow cross platform over all systems on Fortnite!

Nintendo Fans Are Too Entitled, And It’s Time to Change the Culture

Entitled Nintendo fans are nothing new - in fact, entitled gamers in general are commonplace. But is it time to change how we look at gaming?

The Nintendo Switch UI sucks. Here’s how to fix it.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing little system with one glaring problem: The Nintendo Switch UI is awful. Let's make it better, shall we?

Ports… Ports Everywhere…

A year ago I wanted Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition baaaaad. I mean, I was jonesing hard, man. The first version for the Wii U was a fantastic experience, and Legends on the 3DS only added to the amazement. There were reasons to play both: from a gameplay perspective, Legends was the clear winner, but being on the 3DS certainly held it back from a technical standpoint. And so, my moments betwee...

Enough Is Enough: Make Classic Nintendo Titles Free for Switch Owners

Confession time: Sometimes I like to lurk through unfinished Infendo articles from years ago just for kicks. I found one by an apparently ex-Infendo writer named Michael titled “Should Super Mario Bros. Be Free to Play”. While the article wasn’t actually about making old Nintendo games free, it did get me thinking: Isn’t it about time we make the oldest titles part of a pac...

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