New Year’s

Happy New Year to Our Readers!

As the world rings in a new year, Nintendo fans can look forward to what 2014 brings while still enjoying the best of 2013 on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. I know that’s what I’m thinking about (among other things) during this festive time. How did you celebrate New Year’s, and what Wii U or 3DS game are looking forward to the most in 2014? If you’re like me, you celebrated with ...

What are you doing for New Years?

Me? I’m going to a kid-friendly party until 9pm (the time we put ’em down), and then playing some karaoke with the wife and friends to bring in the new year. What about you?

New Year’s resolutions for Nintendo characters

In their January issue, Nintendo Power compiled a fun list of New Year’s resolutions for your “favorite and not-so-favorite video game characters.” Here are the ones that made me chuckle, if not outright laugh in the case of Starman: Pitt: Stop fighting it and legally change his name to Kid Icarus. Phoenix Wright: Stop going to Sonic’s barber. Shy Guy: Read a few books on s...