New Game Get

New Game Get needs to catch its frog with Blaster Master Overdrive

With only a day’s notice, we suddenly have a new Blaster Master game for WiiWare! If that’s not your cup of tea, then hop on your Balance Board and check out Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, or maybe even Data East Arcade Classics. Shiren The Wanderer might be interesting, too. Then again, you could just go thrash out with Megadeth DLC on Rock Band 2. Wow, it’s a pretty good we...

The Final Chapter of Tales of Monkey Island hits WiiWare in this weeks New Game Get!

It’s a tiny release week this week. The final episode of Monkey Island hits the Wii, Alex Kidd, some Family Party games and some Puzzle Chronicles are abound. However, across the pond we have some decent titles showing up. Excite Bike World Challenge, Crystal Bearers, and whatever Brain Cadets is. New Game Get is go.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes 2, and Uno highlight New Game Get

The Wii has it going ON this week with Tatsunoko VS. Capcom and No More Heroes 2 coming out. I have to admit that Uno for WiiWare is enticing since it uses online multiplayer. Plus there’s a LucasArts SNES game I’ve never heard of. And it looks like Rock Band 2 is celebrating Umlaut Week.

New Game Get lines up for Muscle March

The big release this week, purely from publishing standpoint, is Glory of Heracles for DS. This is Nintendo’s North American introduction of a long running Japanese RPG series. The biggest release in my eyes has to be the long anticipated Muscle March! Oh, and what’s that? Actual DSiWare games!? Click on in for the full list. Nice muscle!!

New Game Get and you and your cousins rock out with Phoenix Wright

[Insert joke about “objection” here], Phoenix Wright hits WiiWare today! Also, check out the DLC for Guitar Hero 5 and you’ll see it’s a Vampire Weekend track pack, celebrating their new album. Lots more on the list after the break.

New Game Get makes some resolutions

So the plan for the New Year is to get Fast Food Panic for the DS and then shed some pounds with My Fitness Coach 2. Nah, you’re probably better off getting the SNES game Final Fight 3. Click on in for the full list.

New Game Get downloads Castlevania ReBirth and Pilotwings

There are no physical releases for the Wii and DS this week. The big releases this week are Castlevania: The Adventure: ReBirth and the SNES version of Pilotwings. Anyone get a Nintendo Points Card for Christmas?  Click on in for the full list, including many more WiiWare and DSiWare games, plus Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC.

Super Smash Bros and Van Halen headline an awesome New Game Get

This is probably the best line up we’ve seen in weeks .. Crystal Bearers and Guitar Hero Van Halen for Wii, Uno and Dragon’s Lair for DSiWare, and the original Super Smash Bros on the Virtual Console! Merry Christmas to all!

Virtual Console highlights this week’s New Game Get

The only physical game released this week is Garfield Gets Real for Wii. Ugh. That leaves our picks this week as Earthworm Jim 2 and Blaster Master on the Virtual Console.

New Game Get hops on the train with Zelda Spirit Tracks

Two releases this week have me salivating: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Kinda cool to see the original Rayman released for DSiWare today and with Street Fighter Alpha 2 there must only be about five or six more Street Fighter iterations left to go to collect ’em all. Anything you’re getting today or putting on your gift wish list?

New Game Get heads back to Monkey Island

There’s a whole load of nothing coming out this week, other than the fourth chapter for Tales of Monkey Island. Anything here inspiring you to spend some pre-holiday cash?  [Update: added Fall of Troy track pack info for Guitar Hero 5]

New Game Get burns up your broadband with Bit.Trip Void and Super Mario Kart

Although it probably won’t be as popular as WiiFit or EA Sports Active, the most interesting release this week is Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy. It introduces a motion tracking camera to the Wii’s arsenal of peripherals, something we haven’t seen from on the Wii yet. Otherwise, the release list this week is fairly sparse. Your internets, however, will be burning up while yo...