Mutant Mudds

Infendo Review In Progress: Treasure Stack

Treasure Stack was revealed back in August of 2018 at one of Nintendo’s many Indie Preview Showcases. I remember being at my desk, taking notes. And I remember that particular direct being rather bland. But, I remember writing in the Discord during the presentation “That looks like a ME game”. Fast forward to February 19th when I received my review code. I was stoked! I had a bra...

Let’s Get Muddy! Mutant Mudds Collection Review

By Steve Peacock Mutant Mudds Collection is a collection of two of the games that put Atooi on the map, and a bonus brand new puzzle game taking place in the same world. At only $14.99, this title is a deal that should not be passed up by any retro platforming fan. That’s right, for $5 each, you get two formerly $10 games, and a third game that has never before been released. Can’t go ...

Let’s Get Muddy! Mutant Mudds Collection Review

I've gone on for much longer than I originally intended to in this review. I guess that speaks to just how amazing this game is. When I played on 3DS, I longed for the full screen the Wii U offered. The Vita Version gave me that, but lacked cross save so I could play on the TV or on the go. The collection on Switch satiates all of those needs, and gave us a bonus puzzle game. Why are  you still re...

Here’s a Mutant Mudds Pushmo puzzle for you!

Combining two of the best games on the Nintendo eShop right now, I give you Max of Mutant Mudds in Pushmo puzzle form! Hope you enjoy it! While you’re at it, read my review on the 0h-so-excellent Mutant Mudds. Oh, and if you’ve created any sweet puzzles for other Pushmo owners to play, do share in the comments! I know I want ’em!

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