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Captain N: The Game Master

remember a time when Saturday morning was meant for cartoons?  We would wake up eager to turn on the TV and Veg out in front of the animated awesomeness of the day!  Once a year they would run a half

Thank you Mega Man …

…but our Princess is in another dorm room. [photo taken on the campus of Boston University]

The most comfortable power up ever

It was always an excellent moment in Mega Man when you stumbled across the coveted energy canister, and now you can relive that moment again and again on your couch, bed, floor—whatever. Surely, some enterprising retail firm will import this

What if… Mega Man Universe was this?

This fan made game based on the Mega Man universe has surfaced on the net. It’s a pretty interesting example of what we believe Mega Man Universe might be so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.

Mega Man 10, Bass and other DLC Annoucned

If you have ever played Mega Man 7 on the Super Nintendo. You should be familiar with the sinister copy of Mega Man know as Bass. He is of course designed by Dr. Wily, and was constructed based on research

New Game Get: Mega Man 10 is released today!

Mega Man 10 is out today for Wii! And just in case you didn’t buy the four original Sonic games on the Virtual Console, you can get them on a DS game pak this week. MLB 2k10 is also out