Master System

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Review

Dragons and Mermen and Mice, Oh My! Based on my observations, there are essentially three types of remakes. The first is often called a reimagining, in which the original property is taken as a jumping off point into a completely new, yet familiar experience. The second is known as an enhanced remake. These take the original material and alter it in an attempt to improve it and fix the rough spots...

Nintentunes: the kind of not really Nintendo edition

I used to be a fanboy, but there are too many games to enjoy that my perspective has since changed. Nintendo will always be my favorite video game company because of their ability to bring a product to market that is above all else a fun experience, but even still, as a gamer I want to experience as many of those fun moments as possible, even if it isn’t on a Nintendo console. With that said...

Nintentunes: The anti-Nintendo edition

Video game music has come a long way from the bleeps and bloops that populated most game at the inception of the medium, and seems only right to take a look back at not only game that have appeared on Nintendo consoles, but ones that have appeared on consoles that do things that Ninten-don’t (see what I did there?). With that said, I hope you enjoy this weeks walk down memory lane in this ed...

Pirates and music? New Game Get!

My mind is exploding this week .. only one game for Wii, but it’s Guitar Hero 5! And then there’s the second chapter for Tales of Monkey Island, not to mention that some folks will be excited to check out the original Master System version of Phantasy Star. Don’t even get me started on the DLC music for Rock Band 2 this week, either … Christmas? Click on in for the huge lis...

New Game Get goes retro and rocks out with the Pixies

This week gets some old school flavor with the retro flavored Bit Boy for WiiWare and a couple of games from classic Sega consoles. Tons of stuff for Rock Band including The Killers, Spinal Tap, and a huge selection from the Pixies. Click on in for the full list!

New Game Get goes to the movies!

This week there’s not one but TWO movie tie-in games with Harry Potter and Ice Age getting new Wii and DS titles. Roogoo hits both systems as well. On the downloadable side, WiiWare gets a new FPS from Hudson, but using water guns and some Sudoku action for your DSi.  There’s a pretty decent selection of Rock Band 2 DLC songs, too!  Click on in for the full details.

Wii-kly Update – Gradius ReBirth & Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

Remember when Grandma used to mark your height on the wall every so often, just to see how fast you were growing? Well, if the Wii Shop Channel had its own growth chart, she’d be impressed at how the selection of great games keeps getting bigger and bigger each week. Take a look at the latest additions and you’ll discover a pair of different yet equally engaging titles: a thrilled-pack...

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Niki Rock ‘n’ Ball and Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Not a very thrilling day on the Wii Shop Channel, I guess.  Niki – Rock ‘n’ Ball is a new WiiWare game from Austrian developers Bplus and over on the VC we get another Sega Master System game, Wonder Boy in Monster Land.  Head past the break for full details.

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Wild West Guns, Splatterhouse 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog (again)

It looks like even Capcom, Hudson, and SNK don’t know when Nintendo will put their games out for the Virtual Console. No Mega Man today and no Ys Book I & II or Samurai Shodown II either. Instead, we get the 8-bit Master System version of Sonic The Hedgehog (which was already available in a 16-bit Genesis format) and Splatterhouse 2. What is up with the Virtual Console? At least the new ...

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