Lost in Shadow

New Game Get spends your holiday gift cards

The only two games coming out during the week of January 3rd-9th are Lost in Shadow for Wii and Sherlock Holmes and Mystery Of Osborne House for DS. Early reviews indicate that Lost in Shadow might not be as fun to play as it is gorgeous to look at. Think you’ll fork over a holiday gift card or two to pick it up?

Preview: Lost in Shadow a “hidden Wii gem”

In a preview published today, game blog Kotaku had nothing but nice things to say about Hudson’s upcoming puzzle-platformer, coming this fall to Wii: Its inventive, light-based puzzles and artsy look should make it a critical success, and if its still undisclosed back-story justifies the core design, we could be looking at a dark horse game of the year contender on the Wii. Radar, meet Lost ...