link to the past

What games bring you the most nostalgia?

Every year around Christmas time, I boot up one of my many consoles capable of playing Ocarina of Time and give the game whirl. It has been a tradition ever since the games release in 1998. For me, there is nothing more satisfying that curling up with a blanket and walking into Zora’s Domain….especially after Ganondorf freezes over the land of the Zora’s. For me, there are so many game...

Miyamoto thinks it would be a good idea to remake A Link to the Past…do you?

The Guardian today has an insightful interview with Miyamoto up. What got my attention was the discussion of how a remake to A Link to the Past would be just fine by him. Are there any plans to adapt other older Nintendo games for the 3DS console? Not really. We would like to create more new titles. For example, this year we are making Super Mario 3D, but it’s not really a remake of [the Wii...

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