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Is Uprising’s vocal track the boldest design move since Wind Waker?

Kid Icarus Uprising is a fantastic game, but it features an overwhelmingly talkative voice track that could be the most polarizing stylistic decision since Link went all toony in Wind Waker. When players and reviewers comment that Uprising’s characters “never

Kid Icarus: Uprising review: Is it bad if the boxart is my favorite part of the game?

Kid Icarus: Uprising has had many Infendo contributors, myself included, wondering if the game was going to have some serious problems when it finally released. Since then, it has, and let’s just it has never been more fantastic to be

New Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer has me excited about the game again

Ever since E3 last, I have been skeptical of Kid Icarus: Uprising. The controls just didn’t seem quite right and the voice acting left a lot to be desired. This new trailer for the game, however, has got me wanting

3DS loses its training wheels and upgrades to a kickstand. Or something like that.

So Kid Icarus: Uprising has had a pretty rough game development cycle to say the least. What started off as a 3DS launch title has since been delayed numerous times and is now slated for a March release. In my

Hey Nintendo, now you’re playing with power!

Nintendo is currently holding just finished up with a 3DS specific press conference in Japan, and a ton of new details have emerged. First and foremost, no, Nintendo didn’t show off the second analog add-on nor did they mention any redesign