Infendo Reader Reviews

Final Fantasy I: Victory is Mine!

Final Fantasy 1 has always held a special place in my heart.  It was the second RPG I played on the NES (first being Dragon Warrior) and the first that I really spent time leveling up and focusing on the game.  With Dragon Warrior, I hurried through.  I was new to the world of RPG’s and did not really know what I needed to do.  I can remember spending about a week fighting a Rock giant (I th...

Reader Review: Heron: Steam Machine

[Guest Review by XCWarrior of the New Infendo forums] WiiWare is full of puzzle games. It is a rare occurrence for there not to be at least one every other week. So which ones are worth your time? Well, Heron: Machine has some great reasons to earn a look from you. For starters, the game is only $5, so even if you aren’t a fan, you won’t be out much.

Infendo Reader Reviews: McClain on Super Paper Mario

Welcome the first in an occasional (read: when we feel like it) series of Infendo reader reviews. From time to time, we’ll take a few well-written, intelligent and objective reviews from the Infendo Forums and throw them up on the main page for the whole world to enjoy. Super Paper Mario is the mostly successful sandwiching of traditional Mario platformer with the whimsical RPG style of the prev...