Infendo as a media watchdog

Infendo Radio Live!! Tonight!!!

Hey Infendo! Live podcasting is all the rage now adays, and we’re going to record a show at Nine O’Clock EST. If you plan to participating in the live chat to ask us questions head over to the new forums around that time, or click on the chat link above. If you can’t make it to a live show and want to ask us a question be sure to send us an e-mail here

Infendo Radio 177 – The Postman cometh!

Last week’s Media Summit coverage kept us from getting to our growing stack of letters, calls, and audio clips – so this week, we take a chunk of our backlog – Sean, Zac, and Alexis pour over letters, calls, soundbites, questions, statements, and superheroes in a dedicated entirely to listener submissions! Your word, heard: Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Want to be like all the charm...

What do you want from Infendo in 2010? We want to bring you the best Nintendo content we can!

So it’s officially a new decade, 2010, and we want to make sure we are bringing you the best Nintendo news for the following years to come. So we ask you, what do you want to hear more about, do you want more reviews? more game impressions? more podcasting? What would you like us to do for you! Without you the readers, we would be nothing, so let us know what you want!