Guitar Hero

New Game Get enjoys the royal treatment this week

Fun stuff this week includes Little King’s Story for Wii and the WiiWare release of My Life As A Darklord. Sadly there are no retro goodies on the Virtual Console.  And it’s another awesome week for Rock Band 2 owners with DLC from the Dead Weather, No Doubt, and Judas Priest! Click on in for the full megalist.

New Game Get goes retro and rocks out with the Pixies

This week gets some old school flavor with the retro flavored Bit Boy for WiiWare and a couple of games from classic Sega consoles. Tons of stuff for Rock Band including The Killers, Spinal Tap, and a huge selection from the Pixies. Click on in for the full list!

New Game Get is “ware” it’s at this week!

With only The Bigs 2 coming out for Wii, WiiWare is the place to find your new games for the week.  Bit.Trip Core is the follow-up to the awesome Bit.Trip Beat and Bust-a-Move Plus looks like a blast, too.  And the Commodore 64 classic California Games over on the Virtual Console is definitely worth 5 bucks.  Rock Band 2 gets songs from Green Day’s new album 21st Century Breakdown, artist...

New Game Get goes to the movies!

This week there’s not one but TWO movie tie-in games with Harry Potter and Ice Age getting new Wii and DS titles. Roogoo hits both systems as well. On the downloadable side, WiiWare gets a new FPS from Hudson, but using water guns and some Sudoku action for your DSi.  There’s a pretty decent selection of Rock Band 2 DLC songs, too!  Click on in for the full details.

Bustin’ makes New Game Get feel good!

[Insert lame who-you-gonna-call joke here]!  Besides Ghostbusters, there’s also the possibly rad Flower, Sun, and Rain by Suda 51.  What’s on deck for you this week?

New Game Get has The Touch!

Sure, there’s the cool-sounding DS game from Atlus, Knights in the Nightmare, and there’s Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for WiiWare, and I’m super-excited for Boulder Dash for Commodore 64 on Virtual Console, but the most exciting thing on the New Game Get list this week?  “The Touch” by Stan Bush is now available for free on the Guitar Hero World Tour online sto...

Get up off the couch and start walking with New Game Get

Personal Trainer: Walking for DS, Bubble Bobble and Adventure Island for WiiWare, and much more in this week’s New Game Get.  Head on in for the full list! [UPDATE: more songs added for Rock Band 2 DLC including free GLaDOS “Still Alive”!]

It’s official: Guitar Hero 5, Tony Hawk Ride announced for Wii

Activision, the world’s largest software-only video game publisher, revealed two peripheral-based games for Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3 today. Guitar Hero 5 will go head-to-head with Rock Band Beatles this fall. Tony Hawk Ride is being billed as a “reinvention” of the 10 year franchise that uses a new skateboard controller. Although both games were previously implied to be coming...

C.O.R.E. and Guilty Gear highlight an action-packed New Game Get

Highlights this week include portable shooter C.O.R.E. for DS, Guilty Gear for Wii, plus a whole mess of tracks for Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero … and is that a real game being released for DSiWare?  Click on in to check out all the new releases for the week!  [Now updated with a bunch of additional RB2 songs!]

Guitar Hero Metallica – any good?

All this news about Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, Band Hero, and this summer’s upcoming Guitar Hero Van Halen* has me pretty excited .. to rent these games.  Something I haven’t had a chance to play yet is Guitar Hero Metallica.  So, anyone who has played it, is it any good? *unconfirmed by Activision, but is showing up with an August release date

Fall Heroics: Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero coming in Autumn

Wake up simulated music junkies – today is your day! Activision announced their fall lineup today, dishing out details for Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, and the family friendly Band Hero. In a press announcement the Guitar Hero crew bragged that Guitar hero 5 and DJ Hero would “transform how consumers engage with music,” by expanding the genre with “fun-to-play” experiences...

Donkey Kong brings the beats to this week’s New Game Get

This week we get a couple Animal Crossing apps for the DSi while Klonoa and the Wii-make of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat arrive in stores.  Keep on reading for the full list as well as Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero DLC for this week!