First Impressions

Who Says the Switch Can’t Handle Overwatch? | First Impressions

Since the Nintendo Switch was codenamed project "NX", many of the Infendo crew have been screaming from our rooftop parties for a port of Overwatch to Nintendo's hybrid console. ...Ok, maybe it was only me that was screaming, but I was screaming really loud.

Infendo Plays! – Dead Cells First Take!

DEAD CELLS IS SO GOOD. Come check out my first impressions of the game in the video above!

First Impressions: Pokemon Rumble U

Pokemon Rumble U is available to download from the Wii U eShop right now for the price of $17.99. The game’s premise is quite simple: you take control of any toy Pokemon which you’ve collected (you’ll have four to get started with: Pikachu, Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott) and battle in various arenas to befriend more toy Pokemon and progress in the game. In addition to your own Pokem...

Wii U: First Impressions

So the Wii U has been out for a good three days now and I’d thought I’d write a bit of what impressed me and what hasn’t so far.