From the desk of Rosscott

Let’s see here”¦ Bad pun? Check. Web design reference? Check. Old school video game reference? Check. That seems to be the ultimate formula. See more at []

Meanwhile, at the desk of Mario…

When I first showed up on the Infendo scene, I intended on doing a weekly web comic for the site. However, after trying the first one, I decided it was too much work. Since the original has been sitting on my computer for a while now,  I figure I’d let you fine people chew on it. Enjoy.

The System on multiplayer gaming

Remember the good old days, when you just wanted to strangle your co-op buddy? He just happened to be sitting next to you on the couch, stealing the last power up that you needed. Does anyone miss that? Or do you all feel safe behind your microphones and WiiSpeak. [The System Comic]

Super Nintendo memories in webcomic form

Julia Wertz’s Fart Party webcomic takes a look at a great Super Nintendo memory.  Check it out, and share your memories about the first time you played an SNES in comments.