Wii Mini Coming To Europe

Despite its puzzling existence, Nintendo has decided to launch the Wii Mini in Europe on March 22nd, 2013.  The no frills console does not feature internet access, CameCube compatibility, or an SD slot. I imported a Wii Mini shortly after the Canadian launch (Really, just to add it to my console/handheld collection-I think I am at 44 right now), and although I have not actually connected it to my ...

Canadian Wii U Tour

For those living north of the 49th Parallel, there’s a Wii U Tour starting this weekend! Hit the jump for dates and locations!

Yet another reason Canada rocks

Canada abounds in treasures: spectacular scenic wonders, beautiful cities, rich history, amazing wildlife, a terrific national anthem, Mounties, the Calgary Stampede, Victoria Harbour…and a town that shares its name with my favorite Nintendo character.

Good news, hosers! Netflix headed to Canadian Wii’s this fall

Good news for Infendo Nation North: Netflix will be available for your Wii this fall! I know a few comments in the past have indicated that more than one of you are from Canada (not including Zac). So who is excited? [via Joystiq]

Why the Original NES Ice Hockey Needs a WiiWare Update

Maybe it’s because I’m turning into an old man, or maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, but one of my favorite sports games is still the original NES Ice Hockey. Like so many of Nintendo’s other games, Ice Hockey relies on accessible, yet addictive gameplay with a level of depth that keeps the game fun even more than twenty years later. Oh, and the fat players are adorabl...