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Variety confirms Boom Blox sequel coming

Christmas has come early for David. In an article about the closure of Electronic Arts’ undisclosed Blueprint project, Variety confirmed a Boom Blox sequel is in development. Blueprint was at the helm of the Boom Blox sequel, which has shifted

EA: Boom Blox approaches 500,000 sold

To bomb or not to bomb, that is the question. In Boom Blox’s case, popular opinion said it was a failure. Pundits still stuck in the old 1990’s video game mindset said it was an epic fail when it didn’t

Steady sales help Boom Blox beat anti-hype

Boom Blox failed the midterm, but it just might pass the final. Sales tracking Web site VGChartz is reporting Boom Blox, Electronic Arts’ critically acclaimed Wii exclusive, has sold approximately 250K copies worldwide in its first two months on store

This week’s Japanese video game sales are a harbinger of things to come

Forgive me a moment for being so pompous, and for the unabashedly bombastic headline. I’m in full fanman mode this week, and I smell blood. First, as the link demonstrates, it was in defense of the beleaguered, but soon to

Counterpoint: Boom Blox didn’t fail nothin’

I’m reading a really good book right now, called Predictably Irrational. The first chapter is about how we humans tend to assign “anchors” to things, like price, and how we start to base future decisions off of our first impressions,

Analyst: Wii fails Boom Blox’s “true test”

With his celestial voice, Freddy Mercury once belted the words, “Another one bites the dust.” Nearly three decades later, the meaning of the prophetic lyric is clear. The latest NPD sales figures show Boom Blox, EA’s critically acclaimed collaboration with