Tacked on controls — not so bad afterall?

Ok, so call me a hypocrite. No, I mean more than usual. Why? Well, I’m going to speak out in defense of EA and their tacking on of Wii control schemes to existing franchises (see: Madden, SSX Blur). Why the change of heart? Well, one reason is first hand and the other is word of mouth. Madden is a game I got over the holidays and I have to say I enjoy it in short bursts here and there, unfair offense/defense balance be damned. Flicking my wrists to juke and pass are fun; more fun than pressing a button anyway. Necessary? Not really. But fun.

The second point involves SSX Blur, a Wii-exclusive from EA due out in March. Tricks are done using a series of flails and Wiimote movements, and every preview I’ve read so far say it just works.

From our new best friends over at 4cr:

“After reading EGM’s glowing feature on SSX Blur for Wii, my excitement for the game went through the roof. It sounds like EA has really gone all out to make sure the title takes full advantage of Wii’s unique features, and everything looks to be shaping up nicely. Much like Madden before it, the company has turned me on to a franchise I cared very little about before, and that’s saying something.”

My thoughts exactly (well, not about EGM. Even with my free subscription the mag’s da poopsky royale — with cheese). Before December, I had never really played, let alone owned a Madden title. Today, I’m juking with the Chicago Bears and bobbing my head to the outrageously bad soundtrack. Those generic Maddenisms can’t drop from big John’s mouth fast enough. And now I want Blur too. That’s two games I would have never seen myself owning if not for the Wii. I’m such a chump.

Tacked on control schemes can be bad for the Wii in large doses, but, like the DS, if they’re done right then there are potential winners in that genre as well, no?