System Flaw: North America’s first DSi only title hits next week

SystemFlawEarly adopters of Nintendo’s half-step DS upgrade have eagerly been awaiting a full sized retail release exclusive – next week they’ll get it.

System Shock launches on October 27th, and will be the first “DSi Only” game to hit shelves in North America.  It appears to be a basic “tap to shoot” on-rails shooter… except the location is your bedroom and you control the rails.  This one kind of flew under the radar, until now, we thought next week’s iCarly game would be the first North American release to utilize DSi features.

Despite it’s upcoming release, not a lot is known about this title, but here’s what Storm City Games has to say:

This innovative, action shooter uses the DSi camera to turn your surroundings into the playing environment, and your DSi into a weapon against attacking enemies! Truly unique and totally physical, with 100 levels of action and 360 degrees of intensity, ”˜Flaw’ is the future of handheld gaming excitement.

  • 360° Optical flow/ motion detection technology
  • 100 scripted levels
  • One button game play
  • 10 unique creatures

It seems like a pretty basic implementation of “Augmented Reality” gaming, using the camera and graphics overlay to bring the real world into the game… or maybe put the game into the real world? Although it’s too early to pass judgment, if the compass on the bottom screen of the promo images really works, I’m gonna call this one a triumph, straight out.   …still, my gut tells me to wait for Ghostwire.

Edit: According to this hands-on article, this publisher is apparently SO small, that this game is only going to be available on Q: Is it a triumph, or a failure that a small third-party publisher beat Nintendo to North America’s first DSi-Only game? Let us know what you think!

[via Kotaku]