Chance Time – Test Your NES Knowledge With Our Quiz


The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was the one that started it all. How much do you know about this groundbreaking home console? Take our short quiz and find out!

What year did the Famicom (The Japanese NES) release?
The NES first released in the USA in 1985
The NES first released in Europe in 1986
Which of these was not an NES launch title?
Kirby’s Adventure
Duck Hunt
Ice Climber
The Wii wasn’t the first Nintendo console to get a crazy amount of accessories. Which of these wasn’t a real NES accessory?
Famicom Thumb Protector
Sadly, there was no finger-protecting accessory for those long NES play sessions
Gun Sight
The Gun Sight was a voice activated headset designed by Konami
Power Pad
Known in Japan as the Family Trainer, this was a mat that allowed the player to control NES games with their feet
ROB, the Robotic Operating Buddy accessory, was compatible with two games. Which of these wasn’t one of the games?
8 Bit Xmas
8 Bit Xmas 2015 was a homebrewed NES cartirdge that was compatible with the ROB accessory, but it wasn’t an official Nintendo product during the NES’ life cycle
Which of these was the last NES game to be released in the US?
Wario’s Woods
It was also the only game to be released on the NES with an ESRB rating, due to its late release date
Super Mario Bros. 3
Final Fantasy 3

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