Survey Results

The Original (black) wins by 40% of voters. While I understand you 33% liking the white, I can only imagine how the controller/remote would look after hours of gameplay. Anyone ever seen a well used iPod? Regardless, thanks for voting and be sure to check out this weeks poll on your opinion of how Nintendo is doing.

[Source: Infendo]


  1. I really like the green one…no idea why….
    Green Rev + 1P controller
    White 2 P controller
    Black 3 P controller
    Red 4 P controller

    sick of silver

  2. cool 30 others like the green too. Something about it just seems like that is a good one to get. Maybe yhey will bring back spice orange, that would be nice too.

  3. I’m thinking the add-on things for the remote will mostly be white, so I’m going to keep it consistent. That being said, what ever the store has got.

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