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Given the bias nature of our site, I think it’s safe to say this poll was a race for second place. The Japanese duo takes it. If you selected MS or Sony, what games are you most excited about?

Thanks for voting, and let us know what strategy you think Nintendo should take from here on out in this week’s survey.

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  1. I’m intersted in the 360 as a alternative to a media center pc.
    mmmm strategy, I think they should stay pretty quiet, do interviews and the such as they have lately, then when the launch window gets near release lots I mean lots of video and pictures and all that stuff, and try to get developers to speak out more to the public about working with the hardware. Really push hard in a different direction.

  2. Dead Rising looks so sweet I might by myself a 360 to play it. And then there’s Jeff Minters Virtual Light Synth.

  3. Heh, there was no option for “Xbox 360 and PS3”. I would call that choice “The evil alliance of blasphemy.”


  4. Why do people like Dead Rising so much? It looks like the worst game on the 360 aside from Saint’s Row, i just don’t get why people like it at all. What’s the deal with that virtual light thing? It’s like this underground 360 feature no one talks about.

    Dang, i didn’t notice that option was left out of the poll. Sorry about that. Damn that was a missed opportunity. Maybe next time. I picked all of them by the way.

    As for the new poll, keep doin wut cha doin. Nintendo is doing every single thing right in my eyes. Maybe not extraordinarily, but right nontheless. 5 colors for DS before its 1 year anniversary, Game Boy Micro is great, Revolution looks and will most likely play awesome, the WFC will bring attention to handheld online gaming and ppl are taking it seriously, the DS software in the pipeline is the most intriguing of any console out there, their plan for how the Revolution will disrupt the market is absolutely fool-proof, and their marketing for 3rd party games and all 3 of their platforms right now is more prevalent than the other systems’ plus it’s putting the Nintendo name out there, setting the stage up. It’s brilliant. No complaints.

  5. Halo 3!
    (I will not buy the 360 until that game comes out, If it comes out.)

  6. Flop,Flop,Flop. Thats all I can possibly see for the future of the 360. How long do you really think Microsoft can keep up this cherade? They’re losing way more more on the X-box, then they’re making, or will make for another ten years. It is a long term investment. The fact is that the 360 isn’t even competition in Japan, which means that eventually it’s going to drop in America as well. Not to mention, what good game does the X-box have? If anyone says Halo, I’m talking aboutmore then one, A console can’t survive on one series alone, which is what the x-box did, and at some point, people will get tired of Halo 3 or Halo 4 and the 360 will vanish into oblivion. As for the PS3, I don’t have 400 dollars, and I don’t want to play with a boomerang. Revolution, here I come.

  7. Microsoft is doing everything in their power to profit from 360 while recouping losses from Xbox. The markup on 360 itself is 5%, so it makes some kinda money right out of the gate. Then there’s the outrageous accessory prices, which have a markup of about 40%. The games have a 20% markup. They are clearly doing what they can to make money from everything they sell. So the money hemmorhaging isn’t an issue with 360. Japanese 360 interest is much higher than for the Xbox and America is more aware of the Xbox brand now than ever. It’s only gonna go up in American popularity. Halo wasn’t the only good franchise on 360. On 360, there are already tons of games in the pipeline that appeal to a bunch of ppl (in Microsoft’s demograpihc). They’re gonna do fine and ur lying to urself if u think they won’t. Long term may be a different story…

  8. Xbox is absolutely going to do well. For one it has awesome launch titles. Kameo? Condemned? Perfect Dark? And all of this is just at launch, when launch’s usually suck. Ms also has a game plan, to drop the price and release halo when ps2 comes out. I think it has a shot to take over hte market.

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