Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revealed – Every Character Will Be Brought Back

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The biggest news of the day was, without a doubt, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. This game looks like a glorious fusion of all things Smash Bros., with a few new surprises to keep fans happy.

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The big feature of this game is that it seeks to be the best of what Smash Bros. has to offer. Every character is back – Snake, Pichu, Young Link… The gang’s all here. In addition to that, a number of stages from the old games have come back too, including Termina Bay and Spear Pillar, to name a couple.

Ridley for smash

There will also be plenty of new content with this title. As we saw previously, the Inklings will be a new playable character, and we finally, FINALLY get Metroid’s big villain, Ridley. Princess Daisy will also be added as an “echo fighter” (commonly referred to as a clone) of Princess Peach. Apparently, the roster will start off small this time, harkening back to the original N64 roster, and you will gradually unlock more and more characters as you play.

There will also be new stages, such as one of the towers from Breath of the Wild. Sakurai did make a point of explaining that since the core focus of the game was to bring back old characters, and make them work, there won’t be as many new characters this time around.

There will be new Pokemon and assist trophies as well, and the overall tone of the game has been updated to create an even smoother experience. Final Smashes have been streamlined as well – they still provide that big budget cinematic experience, but they no longer slow down the pace of matches.

Almost every character has been upgraded in some way, with many attacks feeling new or refined. A number of other enhancements have been made to the game, as some characters will now display the status of certain moves on their icon at the bottom of the screen.

The game will also support Gamecube controllers. Truly, it seems this is the Smash Bros. built to be the definitive version of the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release on December 7th.

To view the full 25 minute reveal, check out the video below.


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