All 68 Stages We’ve Seen In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate So Far

All 68 Stages We’ve Seen In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate So Far

Since there’s no point in doing a confirmed characters list for Smash Bros Switch, we spent the better part of the night digging through Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay to compile this list of every stage we’ve been able to spot so far. Below if our semi-complete list of every Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage we could confirm with our own two (eight?) eyes after digging through hours of Smash Bros Switch gameplay footage.

See a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage we’re missing? Comment down below! Extra points for a video link or screenshot! Are you as excited for Smash Bros Switch as we are!?

All of these stages have been confirmed firsthand to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  1. Battlefield

  2. Final Destination

  3. Suzaku Castle(Smash 4)

  4. Peach’s Castle (N64)

  5. Onett (Melee)

  6. Moray Towers

  7. Great Plateau Tower

  8. Green Hill Zone (Brawl)

  9. Dr. Wily’s Castle (Smash 4)

  10. Boxing Ring (Smash 4)

  11. Whispy Woods (Brawl)

  12. Mario Galaxy (Smash 4)

  13. Skyworld (Brawl)

  14. Kongo Falls (Melee)

  15. Coliseum (Smash 4)

  16. Animal Crossing (Smash 4)

  17. Tortimer Island (Smash 4)

  18. Lumiose City (Smash 4)

  19. Spirit Tracks (Smash 4)

  20. Spear Pillar (Brawl)

  21. Lylat Cruise (Brawl)

  22. New Pork City (Brawl)

  23. Saffron City (N64)

  24. Frigate Orpheon (Brawl)

  25. Skyloft (Smash 4)

  26. 3D Land (Smash 4)

  27. Castle Siege (Brawl)

  28. New Donk City

  29. Wrecking Crew (Smash 4)

  30. Great Cave Offensive (Smash 4)

  31. Great Bay (Melee)

  32. Temple (Melee)

  33. Luigi’s Mansion (Brawl)

  34. Yoshi’s Story (Melee)

  35. Mario Circuit (Brawl)

  36. Mario Circuit (Smash 4)

  37. Magicant (Smash 4)

  38. Wuhu Island (Smash 4)

  39. Corneria (Melee)

  40. Distant Planet (Brawl)

  41. Garden of Hope (Smash 4)

  42. Gaur Plains (Smash 4)

  43. Pokemon Stadium (Melee)

  44. Pokemon Stadium 2 (Brawl)

  45. Tomodachi Life (Smash 4)

  46. Mute City (Brawl)

  47. Big Blue (Melee)

  48. Arena Ferox (Smash 4)

  49. Unova Pokemon League (Smash 4)

  50. Kalos Pokemon League (Smash 4)

  51. Mushroomy Kingdom (Brawl)

  52. Mushroom Kingdon 2 – Subcon (Melee)

  53. Green Greens (Melee)

  54. Dream Land (N64)

  55. Summit (Brawl)

  56. Pilotwings (Smash 4)

  57. Wii Fit Studio (Smash 4)

  58. Bridge of Eldin (Brawl)

  59. Find Mii (Smash 4)

  60. 75M (Brawl)

  61. Pictochat (or Pictochat 2 or a new Pictochat) (Brawl, Smash 4 or New)

  62. Flatzone (or Flatzone 2 or Flatzone X or A New Flat Zone) (Melee, Brawl, Smash 4 or New)

  63. WarioWare (Brawl)

  64. Town and City (Smash 4)

  65. Shadow Moses Island (Brawl)

  66. Midgar (Smash 4)

  67. Balloon Fight (Smash 4)

  68. Umbra Clock Tower (Smash 4)












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