Super Princess Peach Commercial

Super Princess Peach hits the DS this week in platforming style. Here’s the cute teeny-bobber commercial that’s hitting the airwaves this week.


  1. Another part of what Reggie brought with him when he came to Nintendo: The commercial for games have become way more rememberable and fun. Not just for us gamers, but for anyone who see them, and that how it should be.

    Hopefully they continue this “Who Are You” campian into the Revolution Era, because it’d be fun to see the “mature games” they are working on commercial.

  2. Has anyone seen a commercial for Chibi-Robo? The only thing I could find was this terrible, terrible attempt at humor:

    With the fun commercials Nintendo has been producing lately, I’d love to see what they could’ve come up with for Chibi. Guess the cover of Nintendo Power is the only marketing they decided to do for the little guy.

  3. love the commercial but… is anyone else a bit put off by a game where the heroine has more mood swings than cybill on a bender? it’s nice that the game is starring a girl, but who really needs a role model whose super abilities include pms, oops, i mean “rage”, and crying?

  4. “pms, oops, i mean “rage”, and crying”

    Redundant to the third power.

  5. maybe, rollin. but the point i’m making isn’t “ooo- girls have hormones”. it’s the gender stereotyping which, despite being awfully cute (pink dresses!), also effects the popular culture by making it easier to trivialize women as “too emotional”. would you play a game where a male hero cries and pouts his way to victory?

  6. Mario’s been an ethnic stereotype for years, so this is just par for the franchise. It’s a video game, man.

  7. I was just kidding, man.

    “would you play a game where a male hero cries and pouts his way to victory?”

    If it’s good!

  8. Actually, a game where a male hero “cries and pouts his way to victory” sounds like a bucket-load of hilarity and fun. Especially if he gets so upset that things start catching on fire. Mmm, “Emo-man.” Can’t wait.

  9. hahaha- emo man? maybe i was onto something there… quick! what’s EA’s phone number!

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