Sneak Peak: DS Wifi Adaptor

1Up recently took the DS Wifi Adaptor for a spin. Follow the link to read their impression on use and setup. Remember, the wifi adaptor is solely for those that don’t have an existing wireless router because the DS only connects via wifi. It will retail for $35 bones.

[Source: 1up]


  1. Man this looks very easy to install and setup. Although I am still debating whether I should get a router or this because in $35, I could get a decent router or the DS WiFi Adaptor…Such a hard choice becuase putting up a router will give me room to have a wireless network though it’ll be more easier just to get a DS Wifi Adaptor(stick it in, setup, play!)Hmm…don’t know….

  2. I would assume a router would be used with more devices than just the DS and Rev so u might want that. And you have about a week to set it up in time anyway.

  3. I’m going with the DS wi-fi adapter because it’ll be easier to set up, cheaper than most wireless routers, and easier to transport if I wanted to play at a friend’s house (yeah, you have to install the software but that’s easier than setting up a wireless network with a router at someone else’s house).

  4. My $10 Netgear wireless 802.11b router should work just fine. This will be nice for college kids in dorms.

  5. Cool stuff.

    How far do you think the adaptor will work? Would you be able to have it plugged in and play wirelessly if you are up another story? Or is it just a “few feet” sort of thing?

  6. From the article:

    (Nintendo’s Apple fetish for hardware design in full effect again.)

    There’s the Ninty/Apple comparison yet again, this time from 1-up

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