Super Mario Strikers

Here’s another GC game that’s on our radar. Super Mario Strikers drops stateside on 12/05/2005. You can download the new IGN preview by right clicking here to save. As always, the game looks super slick and should be a lot of fun to play. Check out that nasty Koopa Trooper cross early on in the trailer too.

It’s being said that if you liked Sega’s Soccer Slam, you’ll enjoy this title with a Nintendo twist.

[Source: via 4cr]



  1. Love the uniforms!

  2. I think it’d be worth the fifty roots-of-all-evil just for the boxart.

  3. Best boxart I’ve seen since the days of Super Nintendo, I love the handdrawn stuff, like Yoshi’s Island.

  4. It’s funny, how noone noticed this game when it was called “SEGA Soccer Slam”… the wonder of the “Mario” brand never cease!

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