Super Mario Strikers Impressions

I’m a big FIFA buff. I’ve always enjoyed the semi-arcade style that EA brings year in and year out. With that said, I was a little skeptical with how the beloved Nintendo characters would turn out on the soccer, err, I mean football pitch in Strikers. I got my hands on a demo this weekend, and I was thoroughly surprised.

Strikers is insanely fast paced with extremely smooth animation. The play mechanics are simple and work flawlessly. All the classic player power-ups are here and performed in “bullet time” with shots on goal. To come right out and say it, this may be the most enjoyable Mario sports game I’ve ever played. A little preemptive? Maybe, but it was just that fun.

If you’ve overlooked some Mario sports titles in the past, I feel you. But don’t make the same mistake come December 5 when this bad boy drops. It’s turning out to be that good.