Super Mario Strikers Impressions

I’m a big FIFA buff. I’ve always enjoyed the semi-arcade style that EA brings year in and year out. With that said, I was a little skeptical with how the beloved Nintendo characters would turn out on the soccer, err, I mean football pitch in Strikers. I got my hands on a demo this weekend, and I was thoroughly surprised.

Strikers is insanely fast paced with extremely smooth animation. The play mechanics are simple and work flawlessly. All the classic player power-ups are here and performed in “bullet time” with shots on goal. To come right out and say it, this may be the most enjoyable Mario sports game I’ve ever played. A little preemptive? Maybe, but it was just that fun.

If you’ve overlooked some Mario sports titles in the past, I feel you. But don’t make the same mistake come December 5 when this bad boy drops. It’s turning out to be that good.


  1. Blake, would I be correct in assuming that you haven’t play Sega Soccer Slam? Because this game is done by the same team, and looks almost exactly the same.
    I’ll also assume that you haven’t played Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer. Those are actually the best football games out there.

  2. I actually have played Soccer Slam and while similar and from what I’ve played on Strikers, this takes the cake.

    Your assumption about Winning Eleven is correct, although I never said Strikers was the best soccer game, rather, the best mario sports game. Very fun, but I am by no means a soccer video game expert. I do know fun when I plays it though but thanks for the comment.

  3. No prob. 🙂
    BTW, I mention WE/PES because you said Fifa was your favorite footy game, so I thought that you should give those games a try since it beats Fifa in all respects.
    Good job with the site, keep it up.

  4. I loved this game. It’s easily the best Mario sports game. Best arcade soccer game, too, probably.

  5. I played this game last saturday, and I must say that it looks interesting. The control scheme is quite intuitive, and the gameplay is a blast. Definitely one of the most fun Mario sport games.

    Oh!, and I got an exclusive Mario Strikers Football jersey.

  6. How’d u get that?

  7. Hearing all the positive hype and not having played a cool soccer in a looooong time (superstar soccer on the SNES, super monkey ball soccer doesn’t count and I dislike more serious sport sims), I think this may be the first sports title in a long time that I’ll get.

    As long as it has a nice replay value and posibly enough unlockables to keep me busy when not palying with others, I’m gonna get it.

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