Super Mario Sisters nearly happened

Super Mario Sisters Trademark

While sifting through some filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as I am wont to do on a Saturday night, I stumbled upon a trademark filing made by Nintendo for “Super Mario Sisters.” After holding the trademark for just under two years, Nintendo let it expire in 1991 along with the hopes and dreams of countless fans of The Great Giana Sisters.

Although the trademark was likely filed to keep Nintendo’s options open rather than to prepare the way for a second dynamic duo, what if Super Mario Sisters had been made? What would it have been like to save the Mushroom Kingdom as Maria and Louisa? Let the speculation fly in the comments!


  1. It would be female versions of Mario and Luigi.

    …but they’d keep the moustaches…

  2. It would of made millions!!!!! Of penguin currency 😀

  3. They probably just registered it to prevent others from making a game with that title. Companies trademark variations all the time for that reason.

  4. maybe it would have been more of the sexist superpowers of super princess peach.

  5. Yeah and they can save Prince Pear from the evil clutches of Bowsette.

  6. Ambiguously Lesbian Duo.