Super Mario 3 in LEGO stop motion animation

This non-Wii, non-console battle, non-price related Super Mario 3 goodness from newly launched animation site BitFlicks was soaked up by my beleagured brain like water into a sponge. Check out the link below to see the movie, which employs a mix of LEGO, stop motion animation and CGI, according to the site.

Only quirk was that the designer obviously didn’t know the old run and jump diagonally trick to get the star from the box at the end of the level. Also, kneeling on those white platforms for a few seconds would have yielded a warp whistle, but this is still cool none the less.

UPDATE: As we are well aware of here at Infendo, can be a double-edged sword in terms of generating traffic. It would appear as though BitFlicks has been Dugg and will be up later.