Sunder Half Real

That supposed leaked Revolution game Kotaku was informed about turned out to be semi-true. Semi-true because it is a Revolution concept, yeah, but that’s all it is, a concept. The company behind Sunder: Land of Divide is called LifeSpark Studios and their email to Kotaku was basically their way of pitching the game, which they hope to get on the Revolution one day.

Follow the source link for the full story from LifeSpark co-founder Kenton Bailey, who interestingly enough runs notorious Revolution hoaxing site Playbomb. That would explain the shoddy, hoaxlooking scans.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. We were wanting Sunder to gain viral popularity via leaks over a few weeks time before we launched our site. LifeSpark Studios is a development company I and Derek Sarbou have founded and Sunder is a project we have been working on for months now.
    Good lord! 0_0′
    Ok get this, I actually know Derek Sarbou because he is a member of the Moz La Punk forum I reside in. And if Kenton Bailey runs Playbomb that must mean he’s my other friend t-e! That does explain why Derek was going on about some game thing which I wasn’t actually paying attention to. Anyway I think I’m going to have to carefully read into this, I can’t believe this flew right above my head.

  2. Ok I’ve done a little bit more reading. I can indeed comfirm I do know the people behind this whole virtual promotion (anyone who doesn’t believe me I challange you to a £5 bet! :P). Basically it is indeed a concept they’re working on and judging by their posts, they are very excited and detirmined to see this game come to life. Whether they do eventually make this game is hard to tell since t-e is split between 3 projects, but I do know their enthusiasm is genuine.

  3. What I love is how people claim this is just like NIBRIS’ attempt to find a publisher

    I seem to recall NIBRIS admitted since day 1 they did not have a publisher >> << >>

    Although Zogdog site guaranteed this was 100 percent legit… but it never once sais it is conceptual just that it is a game project.

    I will admit its funny that N5 is fake, but No End Soon seems to be willing to put it all in a gamble if they are fake

  4. This should be the Halo killer we have been waiting for.

  5. Thanks for covering the story Infendo, though I am slightly offed that you labeled Playbomb as a hoaxing site. There is nothing hoaxing about the site whatsoever, maybe me, the creator, but the site itself is credible.

    Either way, it’s okay. I can completely understand you jumping the gun on that it’s a hoaxing site. I would too if I didn’t know every nook and cranny of the articles posted there.

  6. I admit it was an over-generalization, but that’s the reputation Playbomb has garnered. I think it’s fair to say. Still, an over-generalization.

  7. Yes, I will agree that because of Nintendo Futurna originating at Playbomb it does indeed imbue Playomb with the reputation of being a hoax site. Though we actually didn’t make that one. I guess our credibility got a little unlucky on being sent that one.

    Anyway, no problem, I just felt like it was my duty to say something. I’ve managed to give myself a pretty bad wrap. People like what I do, they just wish I’d be upfront about it and not send things around anonymously.

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