Nintendo hires marketer to help sell Wii games

The most successful video game company on the planet has hired a company to help them sell video games.

Irony doesn’t get much more ironic than that.

On the Feb. 9 episode of IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, IGN editor Daemon Hatfield claims Nintendo has hired a San Francisco marketing firm to help the Kyoto-based juggernaut sell Wii games.

“I met someone over the weekend who works for a marketing firm in (San Francisco), and Nintendo is one of their clients,” says Hatfield 47 minutes into the show.

“He told me…Nintendo is hiring them to figure out how to sell more games to Wii owners. Nintendo is saying Wii owners are not buying many games; they’re just playing Wii Sports.”

According to Nov. 2008 research conducted by Gamasutra, Wii has the second-best software attach-rate among current-gen consoles, averaging 5.5 game purchases per Wii purchase. Between two and three of those games are first-party Nintendo titles, on average.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has a leading attach-rate of eight games per system purchase, and Sony’s PlayStation 3 trails Wii with 5.3.

(Note: This article was originally published Tuesday on Kombo, but I thought you folks might be interested. Infendo has some of the most active discussions on the Web — congratulations. Your thoughts?)