Still worried about Wiimote sensitivity? Stop worrying

If the control menu/sensitivity settings for Twilight Princess are any indication, then the whole “will my Wiimote be as accurate as I think it should be” thing can be laid to rest.

From IGN:

“And finally, you can fully modify your Wii remote’s settings. For instance, you can turn the device’s internal speaker volume up or down. An on-screen circle shows where your remote is pointed and if the angle of your hand doesn’t seem to quite match with it, you can modify the settings using D-Pad Up or Down until it does. Meanwhile, you’re directed to widen or shorten a separate on-screen field so that it directly matches the placement and size of your sensor bar. And finally, you’re asked to push forward or backward with the Wii remote – which either increases or decreases the size of an on-screen circle so that it exactly matches another – and when the two are perfectly aligned you know you are playing from your optimal distance. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into making sure that the pointer’s accuracy is more than merely satisfactory.”

Let’s hope the third party players have done the same, no?