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First off, your comments, contributions, and referrals have been golden. Your feedback really makes what we do worth while and improves our Nintendo gaming experience.

In only four short months, our traffic has skyrocketed. Our Google PageRank is 5/10, on par with Joystiq and other notable blog and gaming sites. That basically means Google thinks were an okay place for Nintendo news. We wanna become the place for Nintendo news, thoughts, articles, speculation, and reviews. The last one has been tough and was one of the original things you guys asked more of. We’ll do our best to deliver, honestly.

Nintendo is reviewing our site for a sponsorship opportunity. If we can score it, we’ll be able to improve our postings and hopefully give out some free Nintendo loot on like sweepstakes or guest postings and whatnot.

With that said, how did you find out about Infendo? How can we improve?


  1. I can’t remember how I found out about Infendo but I’m very stoked for you guys. It’s definately a site I check at least a couple of times a day. I really like the clean interface of the site, it’s nice and unobtrusive. There’s nothing really that I can complain about, but the more posts the better. You can never have too many posts (as long as they’re relevant or interesting). The news blogs that seem to post a lot throughout the day I tend to visit more often, a good example of that would be like 4 Color Rebellion. I love this site, I’m happy for all of the success, congratulations. Keep it up, take care.

  2. This is JoeDavis… I can review sports games if you want. I have Madden 06 right now… You have my e-mail, so if you’d like, I can doa review on that.

  3. I’ve only recently discovered Infendo a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve already visited the site so many times since then. It’s really great and the only advice I can think of to give is to just do more of what you already are doing. Terrific job, and I hope it works out.

  4. I have been visting Infendo since a long time. I got the link from the revoultion rumors blog. The link is below

  5. I got the link from someone off the messageboard I regularly post in. You can make an archive for old posts and just keep several recent posts on the front page. It just seems like a giant string of posts.

  6. i found out about infendo about a month ago and have never looked back i still use sites likes ign and gamespot but i come here like 3 times a day to check any updates and the news you supply is realy good.This will be shit hot if nintendo sponsers you guys and you can give away free games 😉
    Any body up for a free versions of animal crossing ds lol.

  7. Clean interface, well sized images, and good writing. I forget how I got here, but I keep coming back daily.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. i came here from…i forget but i come everyday because it is the best source for nintendo news i have ever seen

  9. I was planning on making my own Nintendo blog until I came across Infendo. Don’t remember how I found you guys though…

    You do a great job of bringing all the Nintendo news into one spot. Great site design too.

    I’m glad the site has gained the attention. Hopefully all those other Nintendo fans out there catch onto it soon. I guess my only tips on improving the site would be to work on your meta tags to get better results in the search engines

    Try this

  10. Meta tags, shmeta tags.

    I found your site via a link on my own site, but since I was the one who put that link there, I don’t know if that makes sense.

    Anyway, what I would really like to see from Infendo, is an advance scoop on the Revolution controller. I realize that’s like asking for it to rain gold, so I have another idea.

    How about retro ninny game profiles? That would be real cool. Actually, I really like what you’re doing, I only wish that there were more posts.

  11. I think the site is great , sometimes the news is a little slower then I am used to, but over all it has a great layout and very positive information, I think you should create a review section for Nintendo Game evaluations.

    I look forward to the Nintendo Revolution and I expect teh first glimpse of the contorller will mroe then likely be from this site.

  12. I’m not sure how i found this site, but i’m pretty sure it was through google. I love how theres news everyday unlike myamoto shrine and i would love to see you gusy open up a forum

  13. The link to this site was in a comment at Joystiq

    If you had more content, it would be my first place to look for Nintendo news.

    Keep the good job

  14. I got here via Joystiq too…
    Immediatly subscribed to the RSS feed and read every single post you guys put out 😉
    As I said before I’d love to help…but as I am from Europe, I can’t really do up-to-date reviews 😉
    Keep up the VERY good work and keep using those fantastic photos/pics !

  15. Congratulations Blake!

    Keep up the good work!

  16. “Leaked Revolution Ad”


    Oooooh… Ahhhh…

  17. I wouldn’t mind slightly better RSS support… I use Bloglines to aggregate all my favourite blogs into one place and look forward to new Infendo posts, but the text is often truncated and no pics show – being as lazy as I am it would be nice to get it all in one place rather than having to click through to the Infendo site!

  18. I really wish I had thought of this before you guys, it’s the best idea ever. I found out at an internet Forum.

  19. i was reading a blog on psp vs. ds and a guy named chris said yall were a good nintendo site

  20. On the Gamespot forums

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