State of Infendo

First off, your comments, contributions, and referrals have been golden. Your feedback really makes what we do worth while and improves our Nintendo gaming experience.

In only four short months, our traffic has skyrocketed. Our Google PageRank is 5/10, on par with Joystiq and other notable blog and gaming sites. That basically means Google thinks were an okay place for Nintendo news. We wanna become the place for Nintendo news, thoughts, articles, speculation, and reviews. The last one has been tough and was one of the original things you guys asked more of. We’ll do our best to deliver, honestly.

Nintendo is reviewing our site for a sponsorship opportunity. If we can score it, we’ll be able to improve our postings and hopefully give out some free Nintendo loot on like sweepstakes or guest postings and whatnot.

With that said, how did you find out about Infendo? How can we improve?