Stan Beer revelations part 2: Wii games will cost money

When last we left columnist Stan Beer, he was busy downing another tub of paste and spouting off nonsense about the Wii. Stan my man, here’s a free Pro Tip: stick to IT writing.

Today, Stan is once again showing us why, if given the chance, he’d probably hold the Wiimote backwards to try and play the system, and when it didn’t work he’d go and fire off an angry review as to why he thought the Wii was overrated. The Wii will cost more than just the console price, he tells us simpletons — you have to buy games for it too!

But, at the end, Beer tries hard to bring it back home and put in perspective: “That said, enthusiastic gamers will probably not baulk at paying that price, especially since it includes a wide range of sports games plus the latest Nintendo game to hit the market.”

It all makes sense now. To recap: The Wii costs money, and so do its games and accessories. Could someone find me the line where a Nintendo exec said things were going to be free this time around?