Spring for Japan, Summer for US?

Looks like the Nintendo Power Line (425-885-7529) , Nintendo’s new game counseling hotline number, has some Revolution launch info. When you choose to hear about Revolution, the introduction states:

“As the company with the strongest heritage of innovation, Nintendo moves the bar for all next-gen systems by employing a wide-ranging strategy that will attract more kinds of gamers to more kinds of games. When Nintendo’s new console, codenamed Revolution, arrives in the later half of 2006, everyone will discover the meaning of all-access gaming.”

First we hear that Nintendo might launch their system in Japan next Spring, now we hear straight from NoA that Revolution will arrive in the later half of 2006. None of this is farfetched, but it’s exciting to see the release targets getting narrowed down.

When do you think Revolution will come out in your territory?

[by Rollin, Source: PGC]


  1. Fall 2006 all the way in the US.

  2. In India they are not going to release but i will import one.

  3. Well I live in australia and we got the DS before Europe(22 feb) so the same time as europe. possibly August.

  4. As for Europe (Austria) I´d say pretty much after all other continents are served! :-(((

  5. I am getting mine here in Japan!

  6. Fall 2006 in Canada same time as the US.
    I just can’t see enough games done in time for Spring 2006 release in Japan. But then again it doesn’t matter if there isn’t a large amount of games released at launch there’s always Nintendo’s NES, SNES, N64 games to play on it.

  7. Call me ignorant… but how about a simultaneous launch?

  8. jb I want one too !
    Or at least a launch like MS does for the 360.
    But I don’t know..will they really break with traditions ?
    IF they don’t I expect the Rev to hit Europe around Christmas 06….

  9. Japan – September 2006

    US & Canada – November 2006

    Europe – March 2007

  10. Here in Chile, at the same time with japan release, ho ho ho (always masive import from videogame stores). But officially, simultaneous to american release. 😀

  11. I’m not sure anymore. There’s no indication, but i really hope they strive for a global launch. I’m sure it’s easier to manufacture Revs than 360s and there’s a shortage of those, so…

    From the beginning i’ve sed that June would be the earliest we can play one. Now it’s looking like reality. And if you think about it, a Summer launch would be awesome. Everyone’s familiar with the droughts of Summer and how verything is usually left to the holidays, including hardware launches. But if Nin were to do it in the summer worldwide when everyone’s sick of Gears of War and there’s nothing on the horizon till the Fall, they can take advantage of all that extra cash gamers have and don’t spend during those 3 months. I think it’s brilliant. Usually the rental services boom in Summer cause releases r few and far between, but Nintendo can capitalize on this. Granted, ppl r outside more during the summer, but i think it’s a smarter strategy to start there and keep the momentum through the winter to battle for those Xmas dollars with an already established userbase. Hit the ground running. No one has to sell their XBs, but they damn well r likely to buy Revs.

  12. I would wish for a global launch, but let’s wait and see how the 360 goes.

    It seems for now, that only 100-200k XBox units will be available for launch in all of Europe. I don’t call that a launch…

  13. okay…in my opinion if they release the nintendo in spring of 06 for japan then next will be summer of 06 for united states and canada and then late to early 06-07 for europe…those are my predictions(if it actually does come out in spring in japan)

  14. Yep, MS has already admitted that they wish they had more units and that Europe will be feeling the brunt of the Xmas rush.

  15. Kickin’ rad!

  16. Japan – September 2006

    US & Canada – November 2006

    Europe – A.D. 2101

  17. The Europeans have no faith :/

  18. Yea and Americans are frugal with their food.

  19. Nintendo is going to release Zelda in May to keep their ardent fans satiated over the summer, then release Revolution in November. They’re going Thanksgiving rush all the way with this one in the US. I just can’t picture Nintendo releasing a system until six months after initial screenshots are released. I think that they are making a huge mistake by not announcing any games or showing any screens before the XBox 360 release.


  20. 360 is more than a month away. Don’t think Nintendo and Sony won’t show something by then.

    I’ll stick to my Summer theory.

  21. Kickin Rad!! hhahaha, awesome expression

  22. NEW gaming hotline? Come on! I’ve had that number memorized from when I was about 12 and BEGGED my parents to let me call it!

  23. well im getin the revolution
    no matter wut…

  24. r u getin the revolution?

  25. Well late 2006 i would say is after june

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