Spotlight: Kid Icarus Uprising

The Kid Icarus franchise is definitely one of Nintendo’s less recognizable series. The original game came out in 1986 and saw only one sequel, a game boy title in 1991.

Some 21 years after Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters, the world finally got a new Kid Icarus game in the form of the 3DS exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Uprising featured some tricky touch-based controls (largely influenced by the old 3DS’ lack of a second stick) that turned some people off. However, a well written story, the introduction of some incredibly memorable characters and a finely-tuned weapon system made Uprising a really enjoyable and unique title.

Uprising was, in a large part, the rebirth of a relatively obscure Nintendo series. It established character personalities, plot points and fleshed out some things from the original NES game. Uprising never took itself too seriously, and created a really memorable experience as a result.

Here’s hoping the next Kid Icarus game doesn’t take another 21 years.

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