Sony Logic strikes again: No low too low for Sony

Who would have thunk it. Defending the Xbox 360 (and to a lesser extent the Wii) is what finally broke the camel’s back for me and my hate-hate relationship with Sony and led to this post.

Joystiq today has dissected the latest Sony BS to hit the Intertubes, and I can only imagine the hour long shower their blogger must have had to take to wash off the smell of deceit, betrayal and utterly astucious (thesaurus points) bull crap this arrogant and soon to be left behind company now permeates throughout the industry.

Engadget says MS is preparing legal action due to the fact this “fact sheet” misleads consumers and the retailers who might be selling 360’s or Wii’s to them. I say this about the Wii too, because Sony says after six months Nintendo’s online services are no longer free. Why is Sony lying so often, and so poorly these days? Being a strong competitor is one thing, but this is borderline ridiculous. Is there really that low of a confidence level at company HQ in its new system? By all accounts, their recent even in San Fran was a success (finally) — so, what’s the problem here? How did MS start to look like the “good guy” in this relationship?

This system could walk on water and cure all cancer, I’ll never drop one dime for it. Alec, I’ll take Wii for the Wiin for $1,000 please. /rant