Sony Has A Rev-Killer

…but it isn’t the PS3. It’s actually the PS2. According to Razoric, a tipster who claims to work for Adobe/Macromedia had this to say: “Got some PS2 info if you’re interested too. Sony intend to make it their ‘Revolution Killer’. They’re working on tying in Eyetoy and some kind of controller similar to the Revolution controller. With a 100M+ userbase, tens of thousands of mature and documented dev kits and the very low cost of producing Rev style games on the PS2 platform they’re expecting to mobilise another 50M units over the next 5 years precipitated by a $99 price point in 2007.”

Excuse me while i cower in fear.

[Via Kotaku]


  1. PS3’s already screwed, and now so will PS2. Sony have waaay too much ego.

  2. It seems Sony is going to kill the PS3 by focusing too much on the PS2…

  3. PS2 will die out shortly.

    Sony’s beating a dead horse in the next generation.

  4. This is the most viable of all threats to the Revolution. If Sony manages to pull this off, the Revolution will have much less of a draw. Of course everyone will know it’s a shameless copy, but that hasn’t stopped them before. They could market the PS3 to hard core people with a lot of money, and the PS2 (maybe with another redesign) to combat the Revolution.

  5. Well the funnest thing is that this device has been know about for a while and those of us in the “know” are aware that this thing just makes the Eyetoy work slightly better. It allows the camera to track better than before because of the flash lite(Flashlite yep thats pretty much all it is). The device can’t even touch the Revolution controller and the things it can do. Sony sorry but your PS2 will die out so fast you won’t know what hit you.

    Also if sony does redesign the PS2 for a fight against the Revolution we all know that the PS2 will be the one catching on fire when played to long. lol

  6. Yes, we are also aware of the Eyetoy wand that Sony has, but we can’t jump to any conslusions yet. All anyone’s ever seen of it are patent sketches. If Sony made it work even slightly well, it takes away from Revolution’s draw.

  7. It is amazing how Sony can ‘copy’ the ideas of others. If they do, it will hurt a little at first, but in the end, the Rev should come out victorious. Anyone ever compare PS2 RE4 to Gamecube RE4? The Gamecube version tops it. And the Rev will be a little better than the Cube? Hmmm… (Not to copy Atari Jaguar slogan) Do the math. Sony needs the PS3, and not to just squeeze more life out of the PS2.

  8. So all of Sony’s research funds are spent on DRM, writing malware, and cramming more data onto soon to obsolete discs? The last original idea Sony had was the minidiscman and we all saw how Apple raped that gem of innovation… thoroughly so. And the Eyetoy really is the silliest of gimmicks. I’d rank it lower than Mattel’s PowerGlove, ROB, and the maraccas from Samba de Amigo.

  9. Samba de Amigo was awesome.

  10. Agree with Rollin in that it’s a spoiler tactic – or perhaps SCE’s way of testing the waters on whether it’ll work?

    Whatever the case, I can see why Nintendo are keeping quiet about Rev games. With plagiarists/blatant wannabees like Sony wouldn’t you do the same thing in Nintendo’s place?

  11. if sony drags its ps2 into the next generation too far, the entire brand begins to look obsolete. and if the ps3 is too expensive to boot, then sony will have trouble staying in touch with the mainstream.

  12. the eyetoy is lame… ps2’s graphics and processing speed are terribly lame… i play madden foottball on xbox… the same game on ps2 takes about 3 times as long to load things… when i tried playing it on ps2 i would often fall asleep waiting for free agency signing in franchise mode… needless to say… i sold my ps2 and games… only reason i ever bought the thing was for final fantasy and kingdom hearts… make those nintendo exclusives or even just let nintendo also make them… then ps2 is only a crappy paper weight…

  13. Remember: one of the properties this “magic wand” will lack over the Revolution controller is the perception of depth. That, and I don’t think the eyetoy can also perceive any “buttons” pressed, so it is very limited.

    No, what will pose a threat to Nintendo AND MicroSoft is the release of great PS2 games like God of War (and their sequels).

    It looks like Sony is realizing they can’t just let the PS2 die away since they will have a big money loss to absorb from the first couple of years of selling the PS3, if they ever actually release the console. I still think that, with the current specs, this console was a bad idea.

  14. jajaja a terrible idea
    …900 usd to produce 1 unit…
    ….big losses.

  15. why would anyone trust an “insider” at Adobe/Macromedia? Why would a graphics and web software developer (not even any type of modelling or physics-ware) have inside info about Sony PS2 peripherals? Seriously, why why why? Again, WHY? This reeks of that whole alarmist journalism over the Japan-hardware banning that no one actually bothered to double check, and realize that it only applied to old old appliances…

  16. Lets not forget there is still Revolution info we don’t know about. So there could be one last thing they didn’t expect that they really can’t just copy. We’ll see come E3.

  17. If sony were to do something like this it would look totally shoddy and underdeveloped, sorta like the eyetoy. And with the rev costing $300 dollars or less it’d be a far better buy, not to mentiopn the poor build quality and horrible load time of the ps2…

  18. Yeah, even without the “surprise revelation” about the Revolution, the Rev is looking out to be the most attractive gaming console of the three next gen… Seriously, no fanboyism here!

  19. Uh, I’m missing the part where this is a “revolution killer”.

    PS2, yes, has sold well. However, it’s still got the same shitty games that plagued the PSOne.

    That’s why Playstation sucks – 9 out of 10 games just blow chunks. I have yet to find a single game on that system that has ever made me want to play – the few games I would play aren’t exclusive and I can get them on XBOX, GCN, or PC.

    Unless Mario, Link, StarFox, and the crew – as well as all their old 8/16/64bit adventures – make it to the PS2, there isn’t even a contest.

    The motion controller is a nice feature, but like the dual screens of the DS I hope they don’t force us into using them just for shits and giggles. For instance, the “touch” part of the DS – I actually prefer games that don’t use it, and instead just use the innovation of two screens (I.E. Mario and Luigi : Partners In Time, Mario Kart).

    Sony copying that, and whatever this EyeToy thing is (sorry, I don’t want to see my face in a video game) simply aren’t going to be able to compete with the Rev, it’s library, and it’s innovation.

    As long as there are so many parties making such crappy, uninteresting, bland games, Sony won’t have the good luck they did last time. PS worked because at first there was no other CD-based alternative, and PS2 beat XBOX because of all the issues XBOX had at launch and the pre-installed userbase.

    Sure, there are a lot of PS2’s out there and kicking – but does anyone use them? PS has a much larger marketshare, yet the sections of their games in game stores is curiously disproportionate to this.

    We’ll see when Revo comes out, but I can tell you that PS2, even revamped, isn’t even going to register on my “need to have” radar.


  20. Goddamn Sony. Why do they always have to steal other’s ideas? Seriously, I’m getting sick of it. Nintendo says they’ll play on a different level, get out of Sony and M$’s way, and what do they do? They copy Nintendo and try to take from their market share. It’s just wrong.
    Excuse me while I stay pissed off.

  21. I don’t think N ever said it was “getting out of Sony and MS’s way”. It’s simply being brave in taking the road less travelled in favor of doing something to further the industry. Which is everything and more when compared to Sony and MS plainly sticking to what works with little innovation in hopes of miling people’s wallets as long as possible.

    I suggest choosing your words more carefully, if you didn’t intend to make me rant. 😛

  22. this is the exact reason why i will never buy another sony console! everything they do is a huge copy of nintendo! they have no original thoughts or ideas whatsoever. they took the rumble and the analog stick and now this. i commend microsoft! they now know about the rev controller and arent plotting against it, although im sure if it does turn out well, microsoft will then follow suit. but for now their doing their own thing. (by the way i think microsoft is THE most portentous company in the univers and this is the only thing i like about them)

  23. Some reason this doesn’t surprise me. I actually started to worry about playstation copying since they have been so secret about the PS3.

    I know Nintendo will make it a lot better then playstation.

  24. Hmmmm, interesting conspiracy theory.

    I’m still not quite sure what the Sony “big bang” will be…

    a) PS3 not so ‘spensive. Just a strategy to make Microsoft think they can get away with 399 USD for the good one Xbox 360. The did it with Dreamcast.

    b) PS2 lifespan of 10 years. God of War 2 in 2007 for PS2 was the latest rumor.

    c) RIP-OFF. Analoge Stick becomes Dual (Shock), Rumble Pak becomes (Dual) Shock.

    Oh and BTW: while I don’t like Eyetoy it was a great way to reach casual games as well as the microphones for SingStar and Buzz and lately the really cool Guitar Hero…

  25. I said a while back that sony will try to rip off Nintendo’s controller.

    This is too lame to be considered a rip off. The controller for rev will be amazing and have such awesome control that the low res eye toy upgrade for a dying system will not even make more money than Nintendos last big gamecube game. If you have to ask what the game is…your lost.

    Well, lets just hope people can see the crap Sony puts out on all markets. Also the virtual console will make up for anyone who would choose the eyetoy crap over a revmote.

  26. guys, i think that we can all be confident in the fact that we will be playing super smash bros, while they’re playing “eyetoy: spy.”

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