Spore to feature Wii-DS linking; DRM is no fun however

When you’re playing Spore on the Wii sometime next year in the spring and you just HAVE to finish up whatever the heck you’re doing with your custom creation, just upload it to your DS and take it with you. Oh, I guess I’m doing this out of order: Spore for the Wii has been confirmed, and you will be able to wireless link the game between the DS and the Wii. “Deform your species on the fly,” in other words.

Plus, thanks to NGamer, we now know that the Wii sensor bar has shrunk 50% to the size of a few stacked pencils, and that the memory contained in the Wiimote will be used for things like personalizing sensitivity settings and *maybe* a girl’s phone number. Who turned out to be a dude in Oregon. But I’m bitter, and I digress.

There’s one little detail in all of this that’s not so good however: the Virtual Console’s DRM will prevent gamers from playing their downloaded titles on a friend’s Wii. Good thing the Wii looks to be really light, because it sounds like I’ll be buying that Wii Sling Bag for $29.99. No offense to Nintendo, but I HATE DRM. Reminds me of Sony. Seriously, look it up.

UPDATE: Via Go Nintendo and EA itself, “Right now we’re 100% focused on finishing SPORE on the PC and PC only. Though we’re investigating the possibilities of bringing the franchise to other platforms in the future, any announcements or confirmations for the Wii or any other platform would be premature.” Rampant Internet rumors strike again…