Sonic Riders Released for Game Cube

And XBox and PS2. But that’s not why we’re here. This is actually the first Sonic game to come around in a while that I’m actually excited about. Not only did the game get some sort of gold award in Japan’s Famitsu magazine, but it also has a fancy anime intro made by the illustrious production I.G. Plus Sonic Riders appears to be one of those special games that ditches everything about Sonic except for the cool characters, cheesy story, and speedy game-play. The hoverboard racer is out in both Japan and the US. Will it live up to my arbitrary expectations? Post a comment if you’ve played it!


  1. err….Sunday???

  2. the game is really hard. people from the gamefaqs board agree with me that the learning curve is very steep, and the only way to learn to play is to thoroughly read the manual. a really difficult game, and so far, it’s not too rewarding.

    i hope i’ll get better and it’ll pick up, but i’ve been stuck on level 5 for days.

  3. I played it at Tokyo Game Show 2005. Control was very ‘loose’. They needed to work out a lot of bugs from that version but I will pick it up if reviews around are good.

  4. Really? Production I.G.? You’d think with Sega buying TMS and all with the history of Sonic animation that they’d go for the easier path.

    Guess I’ll have to buy the game and check the credits to verify that.

    Or wait for MobyGames

  5. DeAngelo! The Japanese site I linked to talkes about Production I.G. making the intro and there are even some photos of people scetching it and stuff.
    Neat huh?

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