[Update] Sonic Lost World set for release this October



[Update] Apparently Game Informer got their information wrong. SEGA now lists Lost World for a Holiday 2013 release.

Sonic Lost World for the 3DS and Wii now has a release date. Sega confirmed to Game Informer that the game’s release is set for October 13th in North America. Sonic Lost World is a new platformer that takes its cues from the Mario Galaxy series by switching from 2D to 3D perspectives and having Sonic visit areas not akin to the franchise. But, judging from Game Informer’s impressions, aside from slight control issues, the game is shaping up nicely with colorful visuals that “look clean and crisp on the Wii U, and Mario Galaxy-style environments promise variety.”

With Sonic Lost World, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and Pokemon X & Y releasing within the same timeframe, October is shaping up to be a good month for both Wii U and 3Ds owners.

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