Something lame this way comes — It’s a Friend Code!

What a great day. The Wii Forecast Channel dropped a day early, I’m progressing nicely in Twilight Princess, and Wii games will have their own separate Friend Codes that are different from the console. Yes, it is truly a — wait, what!? MORE Friend Codes?!

Tis true. And there is no way my pro-Nintendo self can make lemonade out of this sour, slightly moldy lemon.

I can only ask why. Why must I re-input every one of the three or so dozen names that I entered over the past four weeks all over again? When I heard the news yesterday that this was the case with the new Pokemon title, I almost caught myself yearning for the profanity-ridden, bigotry soaked hate speech of XBOX Live. Almost. I quickly threw in Excite Truck to calm my nerves and all was well. Well, all was well except the fact that those &$#*(&% Friend Codes are back.

But maybe this is a Japanese thing. IGN, who broke this story, was playing the Japanese build, so maybe the rest of us luck out. Just in case, I’m breaking out my Mario rosary and saying 12 Our Fathers to Miyamoto.

UPDATE: Sweet. Infendo readers to the rescue in the comment section. “This is ONLY the case when a game hooks up with an online enabled DS game. Wii only games, like Elebits, will use the Wii code”

[Thanks for the tip, Tyler S., but not really :-P]