Someone tar and feather me: I still haven’t played Okami


First released four years ago on PS2 and 2.5 years ago on Wii, the critical-acclaimed Okami is a game I’m ashamed to say I’ve never played.

To whit, everyone and their Okami dog says it’s the best Zelda game not made by Nintendo. It reviewed in the 90th percentile. And the widescreen 480p Wii version only costs $13 on Amazon right now brand new. Suffice it to say, I’m repenting and have the game on mail order as we speak.

Have you played Okami?


  1. I played the PS2 version and enjoyed it, but didn’t finish it. It’s excellent, and full of great ideas. The story didn’t grab me, though, and its unique art style is kind of a love-or-hate situation. Still, it’s well worth trying, and I know the drawing element will be much more fun on Wii.

  2. My wife and I played through the Wii version together (a rare treat for us both, playing the same game together). Truth be told, the motion control elements don’t add much to the game’s overall value and if anything only added unnecessary aggravation when they didn’t quite work at times. Visually, though, Okami is one of the most powerful statements in gaming history and the story is a wonderful tribute to Japanese mythology without being as cliche as other treatments of the subject matter.

    We did keep making constant comparisons between Okami and Twilight Princess, though. I can’t help but wonder if there is a full circle with the games influencing one another’s designs (Okami taking things from earlier Zeldas and Twilight Princess taking from Okami). Neither of them is a perfect 10, but they are both games that should be everyone’s “Must Play Before I Die” list.

  3. I’ll have to try it someday.

  4. I’ve got it for the PS2 and was lent the Wii version. Played both of them and never got terribly far in either one. Hard to say exactly why, but the game was just never all that fun to me. The art style is awesome and it certainly is a very great looking and sounding game, but I’ve just never been able to get myself to stick to it long enough to make any significant progress. Guess the game’s just not for me. Oh well.

  5. ~tilts head~ I can’t say that I have. :/ I’d like to, but it just seems…wierd to me. 😛

  6. OK I’m going to be honest. I actually enjoyed this (played on wii, not ps2) MORE then LoZ:TP. I am not joking, on the contrary to Richard, I very nearly CRIED more than once in the story. People say the motion controls are crap, I didn’t find that at all, I found that after an hours play, all the controls became second nature. The motion controls didn’t even seem slightly iffy. I LOVED Issun (Okami’s Navi) and the enviroments are beutiful. Purifying Nippon is very satifying and lovely in every way, the game is long enough to be epic and provides a challenge.

    Safe to say, I actually LOVE this game and am really disapointed that okamiden isn’t coming out until April, rendering it completly non-sellable. I will buy it 20 times and advertise it in every way possible in the hope that they make a 3DS sequal.

  7. Yes, I’ve played this. It’s a must-play for anyone who loves adventure games.

    The visuals are gorgeous, the story is engaging, the characters are charming, and the gameplay is innovative and damn fun. It’s not a perfect game, but it is a great game.

    The final boss battle kicks ass, too.

  8. this was such a wonderful game but it took until the second dungeon until it picked up it starts very slow but thats fine for a 45 hr game. it is in many regards eerily similar to twilight princess and I go back and forth which ones the better game, I think okami has a slight edge but unlike instant-awesome i thought the last boss was the weakest part of okami and the fight with ganandorf at the end of twilight princess was truly epic. to blake i cant comment on the wii version as i played the ps2 game in 2006 but if this and beyond good and evil are probably my two favorite games from last generation so enjoy playing this wonderful game and let us know how you think it compares to some of nintendo’s masterpieces

  9. I’m there with you man. I’ve never played the game before and that is a little embarrassing considering I’ve heard very good things about the game. That is one of the next games I am going to grab and I’m sure I’m going to love the game because it looks likes a very charming game.

  10. Tis game is amazing, I really liked it when I played it on the Ps2, and I had to get the Wii version as well, and the motion controls make for a really seamless and fun experience. Though at first it would take some getting used to. It’s an overall really enjoyable game.

  11. I’ve owned it since it came out, got an original box with the watermarked cover. I don’t remember how far I am but I haven’t finished it. Like someone else said, it’s a great concept for a game but the story just hasn’t grabbed me.

  12. *tars and feathers Blake*

  13. Nope, i haven’t, but i have thought about getting it. but I have a back log of games that need playing.

  14. Tar and Feather that guy. Send pictures to Ready at Dawn’s e-mail.

  15. WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!


    I won’t tar and feather you, I’ll just keep screaming WHAAT?! into your ear as you sleep.

    Seriously though, play it.
    You can play the Wii version (it’s tougher to get used to the controls, but those who mastered it say it’s better than the PS2’s controls).
    Seriously though, play it.


  16. This was one of the few games that made me regret not having a PS2, so I grabbed it when the Wii version game out, full of great expectations. I have to say I was pretty disappointed. I loved the art style (excepting a few elements of character design), but I am one of those people who found the motion controls frustrating in this title. I also got tired of the blatant sexist innuendo in the dialogue, and never managed to finish the game. Still, I enjoyed it enough to consider giving Okamiden a go when it comes out, but mainly for the artistic side of it, and because the stylus will hopefully be more successful for me than the wiimote for painting characters.

  17. Okami’s definitely a good game, but I think it was a bit overrated. If I had to give it a rating just based on personal enjoyment (none of the “professional” reviewer criteria), I’d say it feels like an 8 to an 8.5. I think a lot of people just sort of convinced themselves that it’s better than it is because it has a unique look, so I guess it helps with the whole games being art argument. Personally, I liked Twilight Princess a lot more in almost every aspect, but Okami is certainly worth playing. I may come off sounding like I don’t think much of the game, but I’m actually going to grab that deal on Amazon along with a pre-order for the 5th season of Futurama.

  18. It’s a great game man, you’d play it, I’ve finished 3 times, and still there are stuff that I’ve to collect XD XD XD Because of this, I impatientily wating for Okamiden 😛

  19. I have the PS2 version but I never finished it. One of these days I will go back and finish it up.

  20. I was one of the few people who had an eye on Okami since it was announced (as in before they switched from regular 3D models to Cel Shaded models) I bought it brand new the day it came out and beat it about 80 hours later, it is still one of my favorite games of all time and one of the few I play yearly. But that is tied to the fact that it was the only game I had during a very stressful period of my life, so it formed a special place in my heart that remains to this day.

    The game drags a little in the middle, but the last world and final scenes always leave me breathless.

  21. Yes, a great game. The Japanese setting really makes it unique and wonderful. One of the few games that really drag you in. Probably the best game I’ve ever played. Sadly the Okamiden for the DS doesn’t seem to be too innovative, unlike the Zelda franchise, but it’ll proof that Okami still is one of the best games.

  22. sorry for all the okami fans but i have not played/seen this game befor it does look pretty promising though.

  23. Definitely one of the best games I have ever played. To be honest, the difficulty level was not terribly high, but the story was great, there were tons of funny moments, the art work is incredible….

    Yes, you need to be tarred and feathered. Can’t wait for the follow-up on DS, but wish it was on Wii.

  24. Yes, I bought Okami when it launched on Wii and played the hell out of it. At it’s current price ($10-20 tops) you get over 50 hours of gameplay and thus it’s a great investment.

  25. Thanks for the reminder, Blake!
    I’m looking it up as I write this…

  26. I’ve never played this one. I guess I could put it in my gamefly queue.

    Anyone have a preference over which version (Wii or PS2) is preferred?

  27. Okami, Resident Evil 4, Zack and Wicky, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri are all must own games. Capcom is the only company besides Nintendo who has published AAA titles on Wii. Thank you Capcom!!! Shame on you Konami!!!

  28. I’ve had it on my Amazon cart for a while along Dead Space Extraction and Dead Space for the Xbox, after reading your post I went and confirmed my order, so for just 50 bucks I’ll be playing 3 great games!!

  29. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much if you haven’t played it…

  30. @Wershmer
    Says one of very few gamers.
    Not sure what your point is on that post, or what you didn’t see as great in Okami.
    The game was and still is a golden standard (which comes from the golden standard of Zelda). Whether you preferred it or not doesn’t say it wasn’t a quality game on almost every aspect.

    …hell, I don’t like Gears of War at all, but I’m not going to say it didn’t take a step forward where the gaming industry was lacking (I’m talking about the cover system, btw…. that should’ve been in video games since the beginning, but only Gears of War brought it to the public).

  31. Finished it. One thing you MUST know – use the “Z” trigger to get a straight power slash. IT will make the power slash work 99% of the time. IF you use it free hand, you get it maybe 90% of the time. Its worth taking about a minute to learn the Z slash!

    Apart from that, have fun, its a marvelous game.