So long, GameCube – Variations on a Theme

When it first came along, the GameCube was ridiculed for its purple case. It’s no surprise that Nintendo released a few more colors such as black and platinum, but there are actually quite a few variations on the Cube that you might not be familiar with.

In our last installment we talked about the GameCube’s code-name, so we start off with a rare shot of a Dolphin in captivity:

The “spice” (or orange) controllers are quite common in the United States, but Nintendo also released an entirely spice-colored Cube and GameBoy Player in other countries:

When originally announced, golden and pink systems were shown to the public at various conventions:

Released only in Japan, Panasonic teamed up with Nintendo to release a home theater hybrid version simply called Q:

If it contains electronics, someone will cram it into an old NES case:

The modding community even made several attempts to take the GameCube on the road:

One company even tried to make it easy for the novice modder by releasing the Viper kit:

Finally we see the GameCube in its birthday suit:

Did you own any of these GameCube variations? If so, please share your thoughts in our comment section.

“So long, GameCube” is an Infendo GameCube salute and five-part series celebrating the final month before the launch of Wii.