SNES beating PS3, 1986 coming back with a vengeance

Yup, this is still news; Nintendo products have dominated yet another chart/top 10 list/gamer’s virgin innocence. The Wii is getting plenty of good press these days, but would you believe the yellow stained SNES is making a comeback? Over at Amazon’s public top 25 bestseller list, things look a bit like this (NOTE: the list is constantly changing):

1.Wii Play
2. Wii
3. Wiimote
4. Wii Nunchuck
5. Nintendo DS Lite Black/Onyx
6. Burning Crusade
7. Gears of War
8. Nintendo DS Lite
9. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
10. Xbox 360 Premium Bundle
11. Microsoft Flight Simulator X
12. SNES
13. Nintendo DS Lite Pink Edition
14. Zelda: Twilight Princess
15. Nintendo DS: Brain Age
16. Guitar Hero 2 bundle
17. God of War
18. World of Warcraft
19. Wii HD Component Cable
20. Elder Scrolls Oblivion (PC)


24. PS3 Deluxe

I blacked out there for a second, and when I woke up, I thought I was living in 1986 again. Weird.